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Why Auto Recycling is good for the Environment

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Auto recycling ensures that old vehicles are disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. During the recycling process, auto wreckers such as Calgary's A-1 Parts For Less LTD salvage any usable parts and process them for resale. Auto recycling in Calgary has numerous environmental benefits that you should consider when you need to dispose of an old vehicle.


By salvaging, processing, and reselling used car parts and used truck parts, auto wreckers in Calgary help reduce the demand for newly manufactured parts. Not only do consumers get to save money by buying used but fully functional and quality parts, but far less pollution is created in the process. Manufacturing new auto parts produces a lot of environmentally harmful smoke and waste.


The manufacturing of new auto parts also requires metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum. While car manufacturers do obtain some of their materials from recycled sources, the automotive industry still contributes to the worldwide demand for virgin ore and the mining operations needed to extract it. Auto recycling in Calgary helps to keep these non-renewable natural resources in the ground by providing quality recycled parts and metals for consumers and industry.


Mining operations are not only physically destructive to the environment, they pose a variety of other hazards as well. Mining releases pollution in to the air and generates hazardous by-products which then seep into the surrounding ground and water systems, creating a toxic environment. Mines often continue to pose an environmental risk even after they are no longer in use.


The environment is also put at risk when old vehicles are not properly disposed of. If left abandoned or taken to a landfill, old vehicles can leak a variety of harmful fluids into the surrounding soil, including gasoline, coolants, and brake fluid. These pollutants can create a toxic environment and may even find their way into nearby water sources. Auto wreckers in Calgary take the proper steps to ensure that any harmful fluids or materials are removed before a vehicle is recycled.


Mining operations and the manufacturing new auto parts both require copious amounts of energy. Meeting these energy needs produces high amounts of greenhouse gasses, which harm the environment by contributing to climate change. Auto recycling in Calgary, just like any type of recycling, does require energy as well. However, it takes far less energy to salvage a used auto part than to mine for new metal and to manufacture brand new parts. All in all, auto recycling is a net positive for the environment.


A-1 Parts For Less LTD: Calgary's Auto Wreckers


If you have an old car that needs to be recycled, or if you're in the market for car parts, then you'll want to work with a Calgary auto recycling company. At A-1 Parts For Less LTD, we provide environmentally responsible auto wrecking services, and we also carry a large inventory of used car and truck parts in Calgary.


If you've like to know more about our auto recycling services in Calgary, just contact A-1 Parts For Less LTD today.


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