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How to Find Quality Used Auto Parts

quality used auto parts


Every year, over 27 million vehicles get recycled all over the world. The global car recycling industry is one of the largest. Much of that steel and rubber from recycled cars gets melted down and turned into new products.


However, automotive recyclers also supply wholesale and retail customers with good quality auto parts costing 20% - 80% less than new parts.

Purchasing quality used auto parts isn't difficult, but it's essential to know how to shop.

Keep reading for a quick guide on how to find quality used auto parts.


Choose Your Salvage Yard Wisely

If you're wondering how to find used auto parts, be sure to choose your salvage yard wisely. One good way to do so is to stay local if you can. Shopping at your local salvage or junkyard enables you to check the part out before you buy it.


Plus, shopping locally allows you to check into the business's reputation, either through reviews or friends who have gone through the same parts shop.

Ask the shop about a warranty, too. Most parts shops provide some guarantee on their products. Make sure you're aware of and understand their particular warranty agreement before you buy your part.


Ask for Parts by VIN Number

If you're thinking about buying a particular car part, ask about its history. It's not just a question of where to get used auto parts but also a used auto part's journey.

If the item came from a salvaged car, for example, you should know what happened to that car. If the vehicle was in an accident, the part might be unusable. A part of a frame, for instance, could have microfractures.

Ask for the VIN and the history of a part before you buy it.


Likewise, take your car's VIN with you too. Not every part will be compatible with your car. To make sure you buy an item that functions with your make and model of car, write down your VIN and bring it with you to the parts shop.


Pay a Little More for Quality

If you want to know how to find quality used auto parts, be prepared to pay a little more for quality. Find out the age of a part. While an older part may be less expensive, you might want to pay more for something newer.

Don't buy a duplicate part, either. Parts that aren't legitimate cost less, but they aren't reliable or safe. Counterfeit parts aren't regulated and could pose a significant safety hazard to you, your passengers, other drivers, and your vehicle.

If the part is original, there are many benefits of buying it used over new.


Know How to Choose Quality Used Auto Parts

When you're looking for "used auto parts near me," remember that finding quality used auto parts is essential. The last thing you'd want is to buy from an unreliable parts dealer or purchase a counterfeit part. 


If you're unsure whether you've found the right used auto parts shop, take some time to shop around and get quotes from a few different salvage yards. Choose a yard that's reputable and provides you with the information, quality parts, and communication you're looking for.

Do you have a question, or are you looking for a particular part? Contact us so that we can help!



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