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Environmentally Friendly Auto Recycling in Calgary

Did you know that even when your automobile reaches the end of its life, there's still value in it? If your old car or truck is about ready to quit, don’t just send it to a junkyard where it will waste away, potentially harming the environment. Auto recycling in Calgary helps the environment by getting your higher polluting, older car off the road and ensuring that your vehicle is properly disposed of. When you choose A-1 Parts For Less LTD as your auto recycling company in Calgary, you can rest assured that we will handle your vehicle responsibly.

We follow a strict code for handling end-of-life vehicles. It is ensured that no toxic fluids or heavy metals escape into the soil or groundwater. We recycle all usable automobile parts, and we always work to keep the environment safe.

Maximizing Value With Recycling

Each vehicle goes through our auto recycling process to maximize reclamation and minimize the environmental impact. If you’re interested in auto reprocessing in Calgary to limit environmental impact and increase the number of recycled parts, contact A-1 Parts For Less LTD today .

Bring your wrecked or totalled vehicle to us and we can salvage parts for future use! Wrecking your old car or truck parts can help the environment by making sure the vehicle is properly recycled. Reusing old parts also adds to a green society by limiting toxic materials that can get into the groundwater or soil. The value of keeping your vehicle out of a landfill adds up in the reduced need for manufacturing new steel and parts. Here is what auto recycling your old car can do for the environment:

Helps save 80 million barrels of oil to make new replacement parts each year

Replaces high-sulphur raw ore with low-sulphur scrap metal

Reduces steel mill pollution: 86% for air and 76% for water

Contributes to 40% of North America’s ferrous scrap metal processing

Keeps 80 million gallons of toxic oils and fluids out of our groundwater each year

How Recyclers Deconstruct Your Vehicle

Did you know that over 95% of your unwanted clunker can be recycled? After the useful auto parts are removed for resale, here’s how the rest of a car is taken apart to be reused, recycled or reclaimed:

Doors and body panels: Sold to body shops or reclaimed as scrap metal

Tires: Sold for reuse or recycled to make new products like road paving

Wheels: Reconditioned for resale or reclaimed as scrap metal

Batteries: Resold if in good condition

Antifreeze and washer fluid: Reprocessed for reuse at an auto recycling facility

AC refrigerants: Sealed and sold to licensed buyers for reuse

Oils: Drained and tested for reprocessing and reuse

Fuel: Gas from drained tanks is used by recyclers or sold for reuse

Stop by Our Shop

If you are in need of auto recycling services in Calgary, who are focused on keeping the environment safe, choose A-1 Parts For Less LTD. Call us or visit our facility on the northeast side to learn more. For further questions, fill out our online form and we will get back to you soon.

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