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The premier auto wreckers in Calgary

Auto wrecking includes disassembling cars that have been damaged, broken, or otherwise rendered unusable. Our auto wreckers at A-1 Parts For Less Ltd. can locate and retrieve any still-usable pieces from your used vehicle in Calgary and ensure that vehicles are properly and economically wrecked or recycled instead of just letting old cars rust. Even though it may seem that they spend their days crashing into automobiles, auto wreckers work after the vehicle has been destroyed.


As the premier auto wreckers in Calgary, A-1 Parts For Less Ltd. supplies new and used auto parts, including mechanical, glass, tires and automotive. We have a large inventory, both in-house and online . All the parts available for sale are thoroughly checked and tested.

These are quality used parts in all makes and models, and there is a 90-day warranty on most parts. We ship throughout Canada, offering free delivery in Calgary to shops on orders over $100. Get in touch  with us today for more information.

Our Services Include

At A-1 Parts For Less Ltd. , we offer services for:

Auto wrecking: We make the best use of the parts of your vehicle that is no longer in use. Doing this will prevent a ton of waste from accumulating in the landfills and minimize the need for manufacturing new auto parts. Besides, it reduces the vehicle repair cost without compromising on quality.

Auto salvaging: Auto salvaging is the practice of ripping off parts of a vehicle and using them for various vehicles. This practice is both environmental-friendly and cost-effective. Our auto wreckers at A-1 Parts For Less Ltd inspect every part of the vehicle, pull the parts that perform well and test them to ensure they’re functional.

At A-1 Parts For Less Ltd., you can save time and money when searching for auto parts for trucks and cars from our online inventory or at our auto wrecking shop.


In addition to that, we offer premium quality used interior and exterior auto accessories such as car seats, dash kits, pedal pads, mirrors, lighting, etc. Our team knows how to satisfy your needs when it comes to auto accessories.

Our Other Services


At A-1 Parts For Less Ltd., we understand that replacing damaged components of your vehicle with new parts can be expensive. You can rely on us to offer top-quality used auto parts in Calgary. We have a wide variety of parts in stock at our location on the northeast side of Calgary. All our auto parts are thoroughly tested and serviced before sale. In addition to this, we also offer services for auto wrecking in Calgary. When you choose us as your auto wrecking shop, you can rest assured that we will handle your vehicle responsibly. We follow a strict code for handling end-of-life vehicles. We ensure that no toxic fluids or heavy metals enter the soil or groundwater. All usable automobile parts are serviced and sold at affordable prices. Call our auto wreckers in Calgary for more details.



Used Parts from Top Brands


At A-1 Parts For Less Ltd., we offer all makes and models of car parts . Some of the brands we offer include Nissan, BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Kia, Jeep, Porsche, Suzuki and Subaru. 

Benefits of Buying Used Auto Parts

You don’t have to be a professional mechanic to get the benefits of buying used auto parts for the right repairs. And if you are your own mechanic or restoring a classic car, a used parts supplier can be your best friend. Let A-1 Parts For Less Ltd. help you access our inventory both at our location and online to make your search easier, whether you need a windshield for a 1985 Corvette or brakes for your 2010 Buick. You may be thinking the only advantage to buying used auto parts from an auto recycler is the upfront price. Still, there are more benefits, including:

Overall cost

Depending on the dealership, auto repair shop or car parts dealer, the going price for any part can vary. The quality can vary, too, so you need to trust your source before paying double if you have to replace your replacement part.


An auto wrecker that is also a parts recycler can offer an inventory for a large variety of makes and models. If someone totalled a brand new Nissan and another just gave up a 20-year-old Dodge, A-1 Parts For Less Ltd. will have usable auto parts from both that someone needs.

Consistency and quality

You may not get the identical quality you need when you go with OEM parts, especially some manufactured by third parties. A used part in good condition that came out of the same make and model of the vehicle you need it for, will fit and work the way you want it to.


Why Choose Us?

  • A 90-day warranty on most used parts.
  • Professional and reliable company.
  • Many years of experience.
  • Used parts from top brands.
  • All parts available are thoroughly tested and come with a warranty.

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The Environmental Value of Auto Wrecking

Bring your wrecked or totalled car to us, and we can salvage parts for future use! Wrecking your old car or truck can help the environment by ensuring the vehicle is properly recycled. Reusing old parts also adds to a green society by limiting toxic materials in the groundwater or soil. If you want auto wreckers in Calgary who are focused on keeping the environment safe, choose A-1 Parts For Less Ltd .

Auto Wreckers in Calgary

When you need a part for your car or truck, there’s no need to pay high costs for new parts. Parts from our wrecked cars work perfectly well. We can offer you like-new and OEM parts for your vehicle without the hefty price of new equipment.


Fill out our useful forms to request recycled parts and sheets cut. Call us today to learn more or come see us during open hours .



Dependable Auto Wreckers in Calgary


Looking for auto wreckers in Calgary? Get in touch with us today.

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