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If you are looking to replace damaged components of your vehicle, choose A-1 Parts For Less LTD to purchase used auto parts in Calgary and save time and money. We’re an automobile wrecking and recycling centre – we have a wide variety of tires and parts in stock at our location on the northeast side of Calgary. Call our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff members in auto recycling to find new and used parts on most import and domestic vehicles.

If you need parts for your truck or car, you don’t need to buy them new. At A-1 Parts For Less in Calgary find used auto parts that will do the job just as well as new parts. Because our inventory is so large you can save money and time with our used auto parts.

Save Money, Buy Used 

Brand new auto parts can be expensive, and if you’re on a budget, you may simply not be able to afford to make the repairs using new parts. Come to our location in Calgary. Our used auto parts will allow you to stay within your budget while still providing you with quality parts. You no longer have to worry if you have the funds to make needed repairs to your truck, car or SUV. Our selection of used auto parts will save you money and get you back on the road.

Recycle Your Old Ride

Has your car or truck reached the end of its life? Instead of dumping the car at a junkyard, where it will rust and deteriorate, do your part to help the environment and recycle your old ride. We ensure that any usable parts are removed and recycled so others can continue to use them. Any part that can be used will be, so that nothing goes to waste. We also handle the vehicles responsibly, by properly disposing of toxic fluids and heavy metals so they don’t enter the soil or groundwater. 

Used Tires for Sale

Are you on the hunt for tires, but are on a tight budget? Used tires could be the best option for you. At A-1 Parts for Less LTD we have a huge selection of tires ranging in various sizes and treads to meet your needs. Whether you own a truck or a small car, we have the right tires for your vehicle. We can help you stay within your budget while still getting the tires you need. Stop by or call today for more information.

Search Our Convenient Online Inventory

Searching for a particular part? Instead of making the trip to our location in Calgary for used auto parts, you can first search our stock using our online inventory search. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and we can help you find it somewhere. Our state-of-the-art locating system can locate parts across North America. Our website also features cut sheets and other useful forms if you want to get a specific part cut.

Visit Our Location

We are located in the northeast area of Calgary on 36th Street. No truck? No worries! If you don’t have a way to transport your used auto parts, we offer free delivery to shops on orders over $100 – call or visit us today to learn more about our used auto parts in Calgary.

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