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What Happens to a Car After Recycling?

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Many companies are becoming more environmentally conscious and this has increased the importance of auto recycling in the automotive industry. The process allows for parts to be reused along with safely disposing of hazardous materials. It’s common for people to doubt what happens after recycling a car. A-1 Parts For Less can help clarify what goes into the recycling process to help put your mind at ease.


We sell used truck parts and car parts in Calgary. Our technicians are experts in salvaging usable parts for resale. You can search our inventory online to find the parts you need.

There are various processes that are involved in auto recycling. Some of the steps include the following:


Fluids Are Drained

It is important to drain the vehicle of fluids that could cause water and soil pollution. This includes engine oil, gasoline and transmission fluid. Many fluids that are drained can be recycled. Non-recyclable fluids can be disposed of by eco-friendly chemical processes.


Saleable Parts Will Be Removed

Removing usable auto parts, such as the engine and the wheels, is the next step. These parts can be sold as second-hand products.


Non- Saleable Parts Are Recycled


There are many non-saleable parts in your car that can be recycled. These include mercury-based switches, airbag cartridges, lead parts and catalytic converters.


Shredding the Vehicle Frame


The vehicle frame can be shred using machinery designed for demolishing car frames and other recyclable metal. The machine can reduce vehicle frames to golf-sized pieces of metal to make it easier to melt before the reformation.


Repurposing Scrap Metal

Metal from recycled vehicles can be used for new auto parts and new car frames. It can also be used for making several other products such as cans, sheet metal and steel construction materials.


Need to Recycle Your Car?

At A-1 Parts For Less, we recycle and salvage auto parts in an environmentally responsible manner. We ensure to save all usable automotive parts during the recycling process.

Call us to learn about how we can help you with car recycling.


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