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What Are the Common Recyclable Automotive Parts?

old car parts


Old, worn-out vehicle parts are usually replaced during regular maintenance. The same happens to parts of vehicles damaged in accidents; the entire vehicle is replaced if the damage is severe. Most times, all these waste parts pile up in landfills. This has severe environmental impacts such as an increase in the carbon footprint, soil and water contamination. Instead of throwing away old car parts or truck parts, consider auto recycling.


At A-1 Parts For Less LTD, we sell used car and truck parts in Calgary. We are experts in salvaging and processing usable parts for resale.


In this blog post, we discuss common automotive parts that can be recycled.


  • Motor Oil


Inappropriately discarded motor oil can lead to soil and water contamination. This old motor oil can be filtered at collection centres and reused.


  • Oil Filters

These components are designed to filter unwanted substances such as dirt from oil. Each filter contains about half a kilogram of steel. The filters can be drained of excess oil at recycling centres and reused in steel manufacturing.


  • Auto Glass


Broken windshields usually pile up in landfills because they are difficult to recycle. This is because the glass in them is sealed between protective plastic. Technological developments have made it possible for many windshield replacement companies to separate the glass.


Automotive glass can be transformed into concrete blocks, fibreglass insulation and glass bottles. Even the plastic that encases the original glass can be used as carpet glue and has many other applications.


  • Engines


Engines can be dismantled, reconditioned, cleaned and sold to be used in other vehicles. Damaged and discarded ones can be rebuilt with advanced technology to make them more environmentally-friendly and efficient.


  • Scrap metal

Metal parts of vehicles are very easy to recycle. A car comes with parts such as aluminum rims, bezels and more. Every metal part can be melted and reused.


  • Plastic Components


The majority of the vehicles contain a significant amount of recyclable plastic materials such as dashboards, gas tanks and bumpers. Many of these can be recycled after proper separation. If they are still in good condition, they can be sold as replacement pieces.


  • Tires

Tires that are in good condition can be reused in other vehicles. Tires that cannot be reused can still be recycled and repurposed as artificial turf, fuel and rubberized asphalt.

Let Us Help


At A-1 Parts For Less LTD, we have a massive inventory of used vehicle parts in Calgary. We save all usable parts from our wrecking and recycling processes. To learn the importance of auto recycling, read our blog post - Why Auto Recycling is Good for the Environment.



Call us to learn more about our auto recycling services.


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