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Auto Recycling and the Environment

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Calgarians are always quick to help out the environment by recycling what they can. Many, however, still don't know about all of the important environmental benefits of auto recycling in Calgary. When it comes time to get rid of an old vehicle, the best thing that you could do for the environment is to have it recycled at an automobile wrecking and recycling centre such as A-1 Parts For Less LTD. There are three main ways that auto recycling in Calgary helps the environment.


Auto recycling preserves natural resources 


When old auto parts are salvaged and reused in other cars, it reduces the need to manufacture new parts. This means that the natural resources required to make those parts can be preserved. Metals such as steel and copper, which make up the body and electrical system of a car, can also be recycled and used again in new cars or in a variety of other applications. Auto recycling in Calgary, therefore, reduces the need to mine for virgin ore, keeping non-renewable resources such as iron and copper in the ground.


Auto recycling reduces pollution


By cutting down on the need for mining, auto recycling helps to reduce the pollutants in our air, water, and soil. Mining operations are incredibly harmful to the environment. They not only physically destroy natural habitats but they generate toxic materials which render the surrounding area unable to sustain plants and animals, even long after the mine has been shut down.


Furthermore, vehicles that are not properly disposed of can also cause dangerous pollutants to enter the environment. When left in a landfill or otherwise abandoned, cars can leak gasoline, brake fluid, coolants, and steering fluid into the soil and waterways. The experienced professionals at a Calgary auto recycling facility have the training and the equipment to remove such fluids from used cars. These fluids are then either reused or safely disposed of.


Auto recycling reduces greenhouse gasses


By helping to preserve natural resources, reduce the demand for new auto parts production, and reduce the need for new mining operations, auto recycling in Calgary also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Mining for new metals and manufacturing new car parts pours large amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, causing an increase in global temperatures. While any type of recycling does require energy and therefore does produce some greenhouse gasses as well, it is only a fraction of the amount produced by mining and manufacturing.


Environmentally Responsible Auto Recycling in Calgary


The materials that make up over 80% of the weight of an average vehicle can be salvaged in one way or another, either by being reused or recycled into new, usable materials. At A-1 Parts For Less LTD, we perform auto recycling in Calgary by recycling every usable part on a vehicle in an environmentally responsible manner, ensuring that no pollutants enter the soil or groundwater.


If you have any more questions about auto recycling in Calgary, don't hesitate to contact A-1 Parts For Less LTD today.


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