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Frequently Asked Questions on Auto Recycling

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Recycling is beneficial across all industries. It is an environmentally friendly and economical solution to the growing demand for raw materials. A-1 Parts For Less LTD provides auto recycling services in Calgary. We have put together FAQs in this blog to help you understand the auto recycling procedure.


• Can I hold on to my licence plates?

Once the vehicle is collected, the recycling process is almost immediately put in motion. The registration will be terminated, along with the destruction of your vehicle. If you want to keep your licence plates, remove them before you send the vehicle over. Also, make sure you have the licence plate reassigned to another vehicle or have it put on hold by visiting a registry agent.


• Will it make a difference if the vehicle has junk in it?

Almost every part of a vehicle can be recycled or reused. This cannot be said about personal items inside the vehicle. The added steps of removing junk from inside the vehicle could impact the compensation offered to you. To make sure that you receive maximum compensation on scrapping, remove all personal items and junk from inside the vehicle.

• Do you accept damaged vehicles?

Any vehicle is recyclable, no matter how extensive the damage. However, depending on the extent of damage to the parts, your compensation will vary, but rest assured, we will offer you a transparent deal. You should also mention to us if you have removed any parts so that we can give you the right estimate.

• Will you provide proof of recycling?

A Certificate of Destruction is provided, which proves that your vehicle is disposed of under regulations and your registration to the vehicle is severed. We will forward you the COD through fax, post or email.

• Does my vehicle need to be in running condition?

It is not necessary that your vehicle be in running condition. If it is, you can drop it off at the site yourself and if not, we will tow your vehicle.

• Do you require the original ownership document?

Yes. We require you to provide a photocopy of your driving licence and registration that proves you are the owner of the vehicle.

• Do I have to be present at the time of collection?

No. We understand that it is quite possible that the vehicle might not be at your current location. If you can arrange for the proper documents to be picked up by our driver at the location, that would be enough.

• Do I need to give you keys?

It would make the process a lot simpler if you had keys, but don’t worry, we know that keys to old cars might have gone missing. Our drivers can gain access to the vehicle with your permission.

• Do you sell spare parts?

At A-1 Parts For Less LTD, we are qualified to refurbish usable old parts salvaged from vehicles that we collect for recycling. We have a vast inventory of spare parts for trucks and cars.

A-1 Parts For Less LTD provides auto recycling for ELV (End-of-Life Vehicles) in Calgary. Check out our online inventory to find any spare parts for trucks or cars. Read our blog for more information on auto recycling.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to recycle your old vehicle.



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