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5 Tips to Keep Your Truck in Good Repair

Mechanic repairing car engine

Trucks are just about the toughest civilian transport option around. They tend to be big and strong, capable of carrying serious loads. That said, trucks, like any machine, also break.


That's why today we've put together five tips to help you keep your truck in good repair! Remember that auto maintenance is a lot easier and cheaper if you're diligent about fixing things before they cause major issues.


Tip 1: Keep Your Tires in Top Shape


Trucks can put tires through the wringer. This is why a great deal of truck maintenance advice will mention tire maintenance as one of your top priorities.

Your tires should be regularly rotated and replaced as necessary. Your axles should also be kept aligned to prevent additional issues. Tire issues have a habit of hitting at the worst times; a little maintenance and regular inspection go a long way to preventing disaster.


Tip 2: Keep Your Brakes in Good Shape


Brakes are serious business. If your brakes fail at the wrong time, you could get into a serious accident. This may not only destroy your truck, but it could hurt you or someone else.

Remember to always monitor your fluids. On top of that, get any funkiness with your brakes looked at right away. If your brakes feel odd, something may be wrong.


Tip 3: Schedule Maintenance on Time


At the end of the day, most truck owners aren't mechanics. That's okay, but it means you won't always be able to tell if your truck is having an issue. As a rule of thumb, you should get your vehicle inspected by an expert once every six months (or at the very least once a year).

A mechanic can help identify problems before they become expensive. They also have access to a variety of tools and pieces of testing equipment you probably don't have at home.

If you're worried about the cost of a replacement part, check out our inventory. We can help you source parts for cheap!


Tip 4: Use the Right Grease for the Job


Grease helps a truck's parts move together without catching on each other. This is a critical part of just about every machine's operation. Unfortunately, some people try to cheap out on the grease they use for work on their truck.

The wrong grease can cause buildup, failing to lubricate moving parts correctly. At best, cheap grease will need more frequent (messy) replacing. At worst, it could cause critical parts of your truck to seize when you least expect it.

At the very least, clean your engine and other critical parts to prevent buildup from crippling your truck.


Tip 5: Drive Carefully and Carefully


Trucks may be powerful machines, but that doesn't justify driving like a maniac. Not only can unsafe driving be a danger to others on the road, but even a heavy truck can still wrap around trees or get totalled in collisions with cars.

Follow the rules of the road, and don't let your vehicle's power go to your head.


With a Little Effort, Your Truck Can Last a Long Time


Many vehicle owners tend to get into the habit of buying a new vehicle every three to six years. It doesn't have to be that way! Your truck can last a long time with a bit of care.

If you're interested in sourcing used parts for your truck for cheap, contact us! At A-1 Parts For Less, we know one of the worst parts of maintenance can be needing to replace what are often expensive parts.


We can help you get quality replacement parts for a variety of makes and models, all at a good price. Keeping your truck in good repair is an important part of your business. Use these tips to make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep it running well.

Your wallet will thank you a lot more than it will if your truck outright breaks due to your ignoring a major issue!



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